Jake Pascoe – CHATTR [Debatable video series]

Throughout semester two here at Wollongong I have been following the process of Jake’s final project, the “Debatable” Video series attached to Jake’s Facebook page CHATTR. For this particular project Jake is creating a video series where two people debate over a random topic, e.g. For his first video the topic was “Does Pineapple belong … More Jake Pascoe – CHATTR [Debatable video series]

Netflix’s global impact on television and film. Part 2

Netflix began as a video rental by mail service, then pioneering the broadband video distribution thus forcing television and Hollywood into either choosing to go online and digital or be left behind on the DVD market. It’s next step was to produce its own films and television series. It was built on a fairly low … More Netflix’s global impact on television and film. Part 2

Netflix’s global impact on television and film.

Netflix has become the way we measure internet speeds globally. Christopher Pyne recently stated on ABC’s Q&A television program after being asked about the rollout of the Australia NBN, he was talking about how under Malcom Turnbull’s government the NBN rollout will be finished 4 years earlier, much cheaper and more accessible to consumers than in … More Netflix’s global impact on television and film.

Instagram Is Not Real

The tech industry favours quantification where we measure things based on numbers. Popularity is often measured in modern times not by what people do with their lives, or how many actual friends they have, or even their likability, its based off of their online following. The current generation, especially that those are now growing up … More Instagram Is Not Real

The Internet of Things

Internet is something people are always searching for and struggle when they can’t find it. That sounded pretty deep, but its no joke, we as the human race literally long for internet access. As technology increases more and more are we becoming dependent on the internet to utilise and use various forms of social media … More The Internet of Things


Hackers are an elite human in a technological age, people with higher knowledge or computing and programming. To be honest they scare me, are they watching what I’m doing now, can they get into my phone and steal my photos or take private information about myself. The amount of emails i get that i deem to be scams trying to steal … More Hackers

Hacktivists & Whistleblowers / Wikileaks

When talking about hacktivists or whistleblowers one cannot slide past Julian Assange and Wikileaks. According to the WikiLeaks website, its goal is “to bring important news and information to the public… One of our most important activities is to publish original source material alongside our news stories so readers and historians alike can see evidence of … More Hacktivists & Whistleblowers / Wikileaks

What Rules?

Currently due to the fact I’m 20 and I live with a “I do what I want” attitude their is pretty much no constraints for me in terms of media. However I can recall a time where my household was different. I remember coming home from school excited to watch the Simpsons at 6PM and … More What Rules?